I’m a student. Not a student in the traditional sense of the word. I don’t go to school. But I’m a student of affiliate marketing and running a home-based business. I started DarrelTenter.com as a way to share the things I learn. As I research and try new things I will share my successes, my failures, and things that I have learned that may help others.

I’ve been working with computers and internet technology in some form or another since 1995. For years I ran my own Macintosh consulting business. That was my first exposure to being self-employed. My website (if I could call it that) was built with DreamWeaver. (This was before the days of WordPress). It was ugly, but it worked. That was also my first experience with affiliate marketing, though I didn’t know it at the time.

Part of my business was selling computers and related hardware to my customers. This was also pre-Amazon. I purchased products from various vendors under a reseller account. I then resold the products to my customers at a markup. Eventually, I realized that my vendors were using this service called Commission Junction. (Now called CJ Affiliate). In 2003 I figured out that after joining Commission Junction I could place simple image banners on my website from all of my vendors. When my customer followed those links and bought something I would make a commission! It was an awesome way to leverage a bit more from my customer base.

Even better was that it took almost no effort on my part. I would periodically email my customer list and let them know about a new sale or event at one of my vendors. I would insert the banner in my email, and provide a link to my affiliate page. That’s it. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand the potential of what I was doing. To me, it was just a way to make a few extra bucks. Oh, if I only knew then what I know now. I’d probably be writing this whilst sipping a fruity drink in Bora Bora.

After years of working for myself, I starting consulting for one of my customers on a regular basis. The consulting worked its way to full time on the payroll. I was being pulled in two directions. Work for the company or focus on my own business. During this time Apple released their OS X operating system. As my customers upgraded to new computers and left OS9 behind they started needing my services less and less. I was focused on my day j.o.b. and the business kind of faded away.

I’ve learned a LOT working for that company over the past 15 years. Computers, networks, running web servers and local servers, web design, WordPress, writing and publishing, blogging, SEO and online advertising, graphic design, eLearning design, the list goes on. I was (unintentionally) amassing a huge and varied of skillset. And all along the lure of working for myself again was nagging at me. I wanted to take what I’ve learned and to use it for myself. But how?

I had let working 40+ hours per week, family, and all of the other stuff get in the way of starting my own thing again. But in early 2016 I was browsing Periscope and came across this guy Matt Bennett talking about affiliate marketing. I watched his scope for a while and started asking questions. My main question was “What three skills do you need to succeed at affiliate marketing?” I think he said I should be able to install and run WordPress and other web applications, build web pages, and write good copy. I figured I had those things down. I was hooked. I wanted to learn more. So I started reading, researching, learning more. I found super affiliate marketers like Malan Darras, Charles Ngo, and John Chow and followed them. Signed up for their list, read their stuff, and watched their videos.

I’m still going down that rabbit hole and learning more every day. Come and learn with me.

~ Darrel