Avoid Overload: Stop (or pause) Learning… And Start DOING! Part 1

Information Overload

Let me begin by firstly noting that I believe WE SHOULD NEVER STOP LEARNING. Don’t use this article as AN EXCUSE TO STOP LEARNING!

Now that I have that out of the way, let’s continue…

In the Internet Marketing and Network Marketing industries, there is one particular problem that stops more novice entrepreneurs from making any progress. What is it?

Information Overload

Our modern lives are overstimulated and hyper-connected. Information is everywhere. We can access an abundance of training in just about any in ANY FIELD. What do you want to learn? Knitting? Wood-turning? How to nail a job interview? How to do yoga? French cooking? (YouTube can make a chef out of any of us!)

But, not too long ago you had fewer options;

1. Find a mentor…

2. Go to college and take a class…


3. Screw around with the activity until you got the hang of it.

(There were more creative ways to learn, but these are what came to me.)

So you had to make a choice; buy someone’s time teach you… Or spend a lot of time going through trial and error, hoping you eventually develop the skills you’re looking for. Either way, the learning wasn’t free. You paid (excessively) with your time, or you forked over your money (and more time).

But then came September 4, 1998. That’s day “Google” was born. Then a little bit later, on February 14, 2005, three dudes that worked for PayPal (you’ve probably heard of them too) launched a revolutionary video site called “Youtube”.

Fast forward til today. Now learning that skill just a quick Google search and you have hours of video showing you what to do.

Recently I rebuilt the entire front end of my truck. Steering, brakes, bearings, everything. How did I learn to do that? YouTube of course! And I saved thousands! But YouTube was just the starting point. I really learned the process by doing it. I learned the small things that the video didn’t cover. I learn from my mistakes when I had to go back in the process because I missed step.

Now, a small percentage of people have harnessed these resources to grow and become more efficient. But, many more people have become less efficient. They’re constantly complaining about overwhelm and how complicated everything has become.

Only about half of the people that learn some skill, end up taking action and actually acting on the skill they learned. In the Internet Marketing world, it’s even worse. Frank Kern and John Reese say that only 1/3 of people who buy an Information product about “How To Market Online”, or “How To Take Make Money Online”, follow through and do ANYTHING. Three months later? Only 8% have stuck with it and are still doing something.

So in our world of abundant information, why do people have such a hard time mastering skills? Even after paying for products and training that take them step-by-step through the processes?

Understand Your Limits

Contrary to popular opinion, information is not power. TAKING ACTION UPON CORRECT INFORMATION IS POWER.

When it comes to information, MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER.

Our human brains can process a certain amount of information at any given time. The theory for this is called “Cognitive Load” and the information is processed in our “Working Memory”. If you’re trying to process too much information you’ll reach your cognitive limit. You start to forget or become unclear on what you’re learning…  And this is when the trouble starts.

Here’s what happens.

  1. You set out to learn something. You have a clear intention of implementing what you learn.
  2. You reach your “Information Threshold” before you feel that you’ve learned enough to be able to efficiently execute whatever activity it is that you’re learning.
  3. You begin to become unclear on the processes you first learned, leading to the onset of confusion.
  4. Because you’re now confused you feel LESS CONFIDENT.  You doubt that you’ll be able to execute whatever activity it is that you’re learning.
  5. Because you’re now less confident, you tell yourself that “you simply have to learn MORE”.
  6. And the process repeats itself.

With each new cycle, you become more and more confused, and more and more frustrated.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like much fun to me. It’s called spinning your wheels and it will get you nowhere.

Actually, it sounds exactly like my first efforts in the Internet Marketing industry.

Yes, I’ve been there. I feel your pain and I know your frustration. But I also know how to break the cycle.

How to Get Started

So, what should you do to avoid and defeat information overload while you’re building momentum in your Internet Marketing business?

If you’re a Noob (rookie, greenhorn, novice) and don’t feel like you’ve hit Information overload yet:

  1. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing a starter training course. You can get started with The Super Affiliate Network Bootcamp for only a $1 trial. You’ll have full access to 21 training modules loaded with useful content.  DotComSectretsX is also a great choice. This course delivers your training via a drip-feed system. Each day you’ll get access to a bite-sized amount of content. Just enough for you to take action and make progress with your Internet Marketing education, but also avoid Info-Overload.
  2. TAKE ACTION ON EACH DAY’S TRAINING BEFORE YOU PROCEED. I can’t stress this enough. Remember, in this article, I’m talking about TAKING ACTION! If the course tells you to set up an Autoresponder, then set it up. Even if you have now idea how it will work yet. If the course tells you to write an article, then write one. Even if you don’t fully understand the keywords. Do it even though don’t understand anything about keywords. Don’t wait until you feel “comfortable” to take action! That’s now how you learn. There’s a reason why you keep hearing terms like “Take Massive Action” and “Just Do It”. SUCCESS ONLY FOLLOWS ACTION.
  3. Understand that Internet Marketing is a real business, not a hobby. Success with your business won’t be given to you, and it won’t come easy. Taking daily measured action is the only path from Point A to B. You must be consistent. Don’t turn to MORE INFORMATION to avoid hard work. If you’re not willing to step up then tap out now before you waste all your time and money.
  4. Realize that the most successful people know how to get up when they’ve been knocked down. Every six figure earner has navigated through their own major obstacles and setbacks. And as your business becomes more successful, and you make more money, the setbacks tend to be bigger. I don’t know why this is. But I’ve witnessed it through personal experience and through watching other marketers.
  5. Finally, once you’re immediately taking MASSIVE ACTION WITH EVERY NEW SKILL (RIGHT AFTER LEARNING IT),  know that there is ALWAYS MORE TO LEARN. Can you name a single 7-Figure Earner who doesn’t have AT-LEAST the equivalent of a Masters degree in Marketing, IF NOT A P.H.D. Get in the habit of learning a “bite-sized” piece of content, and then implement what you learned.

And That’s It!

Follow these rules and you’re sure to avoid the dreadful cycle of information overload. I truly wish someone would’ve given me this action plan when I was just getting started. Use it to your advantage!

To Be Continued – In part two I’ll cover how to get OUT of information overload if you’re already in it.

What ya thinking?

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