10 Tips for Bridge Page Videos That Will Make You Famous!

Bridge pages and bridge page videos are a great idea. They’re your first chance to make a good impression. We hope that it will be a great one! I’ve seen a lot of bridge page videos in my clients’ funnels. From snoozers and losers to solid gold winners. If you use a video on your bridge page…

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ClickMagick tips

Attention ClickMagick users! Here’s a few ClickMagick tips for you. (I’m feeling generous today 😀 ) If you open a tracking link and then click on Advanced Settings you’ll see a section called “Bad Clicks”. You have options for how the link will treat each type of “Bad” Click. Nothing, Block, or Flag. Here’s what…

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3 Simple Steps To Becoming and Effective Communicator

Zig Ziglar

At the core of every effective sales person is an effective communicator. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but success in this whole Interweb Marketing thing comes down to one thing, The ability to sell. If you can’t sell, you won’t survive. One of Zig Ziglar’s most famous quotes is “Timid salespeople have skinny kids.” Since selling…

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