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Attention ClickMagick users! Here’s a few ClickMagick tips for you. (I’m feeling generous today 😀 )

If you open a tracking link and then click on Advanced Settings you’ll see a section called “Bad Clicks”. You have options for how the link will treat each type of “Bad” Click. Nothing, Block, or Flag. Here’s what those do.

> Nothing: This lets the click through and it ClickMagick counts in normally.

> Block: The click is stopped. It doesn’t see tracking link’s “Primary URL”. ClickMagick counts it as a blocked click, and you’ll see that in the link’s Public Stats, but it doesn’t count toward the regular link stats.

> Flag: (Used to be called Filter) The click is counted in the “FC” column of the link tracking stats, and it is forwarded to the tracking link’s target.

It’s important that you understand these settings because they could be a reason that your link tracking stats differ from your solo ad vendor’s stats.

If your vendor is sending you traffic that is one of these “Bad Click” types, then that means they aren’t blocking these clicks in their CM tracking links. And they may or may not be Flagging them. If they are “Flagging” then the are still sending the click to you, it just won’t be counted in UC on their Public Stats link.

If you are Flagging or Blocking bad clicks and your vendor is not, then it’s likely that your Unique Click stats will differ from the vendor’s UC stats. You’re UC count could be higher or lower than theirs depending on how your settings differ from theirs.

So before you accuse the vendor of not sending you enough clicks, or praise them for their over delivery, you might want to ask them how they treat “Bad Clicks”.

People also ask me what the “User” column of Bad Clicks is. A user click is any comes from an IP address that you have added to your IP Manager in ClickMagick. What? You don’t know what that is?

At the top of the ClickMagick site, click on Tools, then IP Manager. Here you can add IP addresses for your home office, mobile phone, your vendor’s IP, and so on.

There are a few ways to find these IP addresses. You could create a test link in ClickMagick then visit that link from your home, your office, your cell phone etc. Then look in the stats for that link and you’ll see the IP addresses that you visited from. Copy that IP address and then add it to your IP Manager. Add a note like “Home Office” so you know what it is.

Or let’s say you send a tracking link to your solo ad vendor. They preview that link to make sure it works. (If they don’t check this for you then you need to find a different vendor). After they do this you’ll see their IP in the link stats. Copy that into your IP manager and add their name to the notes.

When you add an IP to the manager you have an option for “Delete existing clicks from this IP”. If this is checked then CM will go though all of your tracking links and mark them as User clicks.

Any clicks from these managed IP addresses will be categorized as “User” in bad clicks and CM will handle them according to your “Bad Click” settings for each tracking link.

Let me know if these tips are helpful for you.

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