School’s Out For The Summer!

Wow, I had a super long weekend. My oldest kid graduated high school on Saturday. We had the party on Friday afternoon, the graduation ceremony on Saturday morning, lunch after that, then chaperoned the Senior All Night Party from 4pm Saturday to 6am on Sunday.
When I was 20 that was a normal weekend on the town. But now, not so much. 😀 I’m beat.
During the graduation and the all night party I was struck by all of the enthusiasm of these kids getting ready to launch into their adult lives. Maybe they get jobs, go to a university or trade school, or join the military.
I wondered how many would consider a future as an entrepreneur. How many would consider the possibility of making success for themselves rather than relying on someone or something else?
I’ve tried to instill this into my kids, but it’s tough to get past the mantra that you need to get a degree, get a good job, etc. It’s funny because at that age you have the most freedom to take risks. You don’t have responsibilities. You don’t know what you’re not supposed to do, so you can do it anyway. You have plenty of time to try and fail. But you’ve been trained to not think that way.
If you’re reading this and you’re at this young age, then I encourage you to listen to someone who’s already been where you are. Take risks. Try something crazy. Start a business. Figure out what you’re good at and go after it. Then bring your youth, energy, and enthusiasm to what you’re good at and create something for yourself.
Don’t wait for others to give you permission… because you won’t get it.
Don’t worry that it might not work… because you have plenty of time to try something else.
I know people who nailed this philosophy at a young age. I was not one of these people, but I’ve learned from them. They have been my mentors and coaches. It’s true that you can teach an old dog new tricks! (Well, a middle aged dog at least. :D)
I want to work with people who want to create their own future. That want to create their own opportunities. Is that you?
If you’re trying to find success and aren’t quite getting there, then let’s work together to get you to the next level. Maybe you have found some success and you’re looking to add a new income stream or skillset.
Book a free discovery meeting on my services page.
Let’s talk. Maybe we can learn something from each other.

What ya thinking?

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